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Hello! Let me introduce! My name is - Angelo Taylor, I'm Indigo-musician. My cosmic destination - present Love  through music for all.

I born in South Russia, in Nalchik in 1973. Now, I live in Gagarin, in Smolensk Area in Central Russia. I wish You Peace, Love and  Prosperities. I LOVE YOU!!!

I looking for producer, or concert director. If You want e-mail with me, please send You're message to:

If You enjoyed our music, and You want to help our project, You can send some money to our Yandex Money Bank account:


Good Luck!


Commercial use of any copyrighted materials, or it`s parts strongly PROHIBITED!

Copyright (C) Angelo Taylor.
Copyright (C)(P) AT LAB, Russia.
All Rights Reserved.

Size           Quility   Name/Link
---------  -------- ---------------------
5,329,818   96kbps  Music From Heaven                 (new!!!) 16.04.2009
3,898,203   96kbps Shambala 2                          (new!!!)
3,183,439   96kbps Alone Angel                          (new!!!)
3,289,759   96kbps Angel Of Wind                       (new!!!)
2,791,865  128kbps Voyager 2                                   (new!!!) 05.04.2009
3,137,936  128kbps My Little Friend Is Dedicate   (new!!!) 28.02.2009
3,035,536  128kbps When I Alone - I Miss You      (new!!!) 27.02.2009
2,018,328   96kbps Dolphin Passions                     (new!!!) 
2,349,581   96kbps Alone Trade Cruiser               (new!!!)
5,573,577  160kbps Extraterrestriels 
5,420,221  128kbps Johnny Chaser - In Action
4,849,603  128kbps 700 Meters Of The Deep
2,190,025  128kbps Planet System
4,515,968  128kbps Ario Destiny
4,173,450  128kbps Engine Start
2,900,661  128kbps Alone In The Universe
2,462,843  128kbps Outside Of Horizon
4,456,032  128kbps Jorney Into Loneleness
---------  -------- ---------------------

Sincerelly, Angelo Taylor`s Support Team.

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